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Our SVTC (Storage Validation and Testing Center) is the world’s most advanced SSD testing facility. We help clients from a wide range of industries to overcome today’s complex hardware and operating system environments, providing them with the testing and certification services needed to quickly develop stable, high-performance products.

Clients benefit from the ability to run large-scale simultaneous tests across hundreds of SSDs, test their products with every major operating system, run tests on hardware from all major manufacturers, and rapidly complete product certification. Whether your focus is on products for desktop, notebook, gaming, or industry, we can build a tailored testing program to meet your needs and schedule.

The SVTC provides the rigorous testing and certification that you need to ensure the best performance of your SSD products.



Industry-leading test facilities

Our SVTC was built at our development facility in Hsinchu, Taiwan. The center was originally designed to meet the needs of our in-house SSD development teams, but due to its success in this role, we have now opened the facility as a resource for others in the industry. The industry-leading testing solutions available at the SVTC combine proprietary control technology with the best testing tools on the market, as well as a number of exclusive tools developed to investigate performance in specific areas. The system architecture is flexible enough to meet the specific testing needs of any SSD application. We are committed to continually updating to the testing environment and to further development of the center’s capabilities, ensuring that our clients have the testing facilities they need to be at the leading edge of product design.

The unique flexibility of the SVTC’s test system reduces the time and costs associated with testing, giving our clients the opportunity to improve the competitiveness of their product. Our advanced testing environment provides:


Real-time remote monitoring & control

– Engineers and project staff can use the test web-based interface to initiate and control tests. The internet control gives clients the freedom to run tests at a time that suits their location and to receive real-time updates showing the status and job details. By remotely connecting to the database, clients can also access their current and historic test data for analysis.


Dedicated equipment for each testing block

– With independent control and dedicated testing equipment, different blocks can serve different clients, and each can be specifically configured to meet particular test requirements. Each block can perform DIT (Data Integration Testing), CIT (Compatibility Integration Testing), HBACIT (Host Bus Adapter Compatibility Integration Testing), or DTM (Driver Test Manager) testing, allowing the center to simultaneously run a huge number of tests in parallel.


85 rack platform architecture

– A total of 85 racks currently set up as ten DIT, ten CIT, ten HBACIT, and ten DTM, with 45 racks available future expansion. This space and configuration provides for large-scale testing now and the introduction of new tests as needed.


Full coverage tests

– A comprehensive range test software enables SVTC to check and test the performance of parameter of the SSD. Every major piece of mainstream test software is available, and configurable with scripts and test parameters for flexible, reliable product test operation. Additionally our exclusive SSDX software provides testing for specific condition functions not covered by other packages.


Real-time feedback and alerts

– The system constantly monitors the test status and results, instantly notifying the relevant personnel of specific conditions by text message and e-mail.



Advanced integrated testing

SVTC's advanced single-platform, large-scale testing environment not only saves development time and money, but protects your reputation in the market. Its advanced testing, monitoring, and exclusive data collection technologies reliably deliver the information that you need to develop a highly stable SSD product.


400 unit test simultaneous test capacity

– A large number of SSDs can be tested at once, helping to quickly identify firmware problems, significantly reducing the total time needed for testing, to speed up product delivery, and to ensure maximum data access reliability for end users.

Flexible multi-OS testing platforms

- through the multi-OS architecture, SVTC is able to conduct a rapid large-volume testing using the appointed testing operating systems, completely meet the customers' demand of various operating systems,The validation ensure the highest reliability of the SSD drives under any kind of platforms and architectures.

OS fully compatible test

– SVTC provides extensive compatibility testing for most mainstream operating systems, including Windows XP x86/x64, Windows 7 x86/ x64, Windows 2008 x64, Mac OS, Linux: ubuntu, Fedora, and RedHat.



Extensive compatibility testing

There are an increasing number of operating systems in use, a growing number of hardware manufacturers, and a wider range of applications for SSDs, but the SVTC offers clients the extensive SSD compatibility testing needed to negotiate this minefield.


The latest hardware compatibility test

– SVTC is equipped with models from more than 90% of the leading global brands, providing hardware compatibility testing for a wide spectrum of mainstream brands and motherboard manufacturers. The range of test desktops, notebooks, and motherboards is reviewed monthly, with new platforms being constantly added.

OS fully compatible test

– SVTC provides extensive compatibility testing for most mainstream operating systems, including Windows XP x86/x64, Windows 7 x86/ x64, Windows 2008 x64, Mac OS, Linux: ubuntu, Fedora, and RedHat.



Complete industrial certification

SVTC certification tests ensure that SSD products meet the industry standards, giving manufacturers and consumers highest confidence in the products and their stable performance.


SATA / ATA standard stress test

– SATA-IO compliancy testing for 6Gbit / s Serial ATA Revision 3.0 specification, ensuring that your product is certified for the fastest SSD data access performance.

Microsoft WHQL Logo Certified

– SVTC offers Microsoft WHQL Logo certification testing on a wide range of MS Client-OS including: Windows XP x86/x64, Windows 7 x32/x64, Windows 2008 x32/x64, and Windows 8, providing you with the data to rapidly complete the process of meeting Microsoft WHQL Logo certification over all required OSs.

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SATA / ATA error/abnormal situation response testing

– Using SATA error injection and situational simulation (such as sudden loss of power during write), we can test the robustness and stability of the drive. This facility allows you to check SSD response, protect your end user experience, and, if necessary, develop robust drives for specific applications.


HBA verification in specific areas

– for IPC clients, the gaming industry, and other specific applications, SVTC has configured blocks for extensive Host Bus Adapter/ Serial Attached SCSI, and RAID compatibility and integration testing.



Precisely tailored solutions


The SVTC's has specific testing solutions to closely match the different intergradient requirements for different clients, and is able meet the needs of OEM, ODM, IPC, and name brand manufacturers. Our advanced system has been developed to smoothly and efficiently meet your reliability testing, compatibility testing, and certification goals.

  • OEM
    – the use of a single independent platform and flexible OS system configuration combined with the ability to perform large-scale data access testing helps clients from the OEM industry enhance product stability and efficiently.
  • ODM
    – the remote testing and real-time feedback technology fulfill ODM clients’ needs for highly efficient testing; accelerating the product planning, development, and production processes.
  • IPC
    – for industrial computer clients, we provide a unique vertically integrated test environment to better enhance highest stability and reliability required for IPC applications.
  • Brand computer
    – for brand computer and brand component suppliers, the SVTC’s large-scale test environment can efficiently detect problems. Additionally, through the combination of various platforms and operating systems, compatibility can be tested and enhanced. Suppliers to the self-build market benefit from the support for motherboard compatibility verification, allowing them to provide end-users with SSD fully tested for compatibility with popular motherboards.