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Firmware Design

Firmware Design

Choosing an SSD supplier? Get the firmware advantage.

Your goal is to find a supply partner that can meet the exact needs of your SSD project smoothly and efficiently and that will yield the highest quality results. As a total SSD service provider, We have the experience and organization to meet this goal: Complete in-house product development with full cooperation from our suppliers; advanced manufacturing and strict testing at our wholly-owned facilities in Taiwan, and almost uniquely a full firmware development team.

By choosing a supplier with firmware capabilities, you will able to work with a single contact window, greatly simplifying the process of achieving the final product. On its part, your supplier will be able work in-house rather than having to communicate issues to a third party, thus leading to quick, streamlined solutions. We have a group of talented engineers dedicated to the development of firmware. We are highly practiced in providing OEM solutions to branded SSD sellers and major computer manufacturers, a service that often includes customized firmware. Experience has shown that it’s in fact the firmware that gives our customers’ products the edge in the marketplace; as such, we are committed to tripling the size of the firmware design team over the next two years.

A partnership that pushes the limits of stable SSD performance

Our SSDs utilize the power of Marvell’s high-performance Van Gogh controller. The Marvell 9174 server-grade SSD control chip is particularly effective at handling incompressible data, i.e. the more random data types typically stored in real-life SSD applications. This results in write performance during actual use that goes far beyond most of its competitors. It also has direct support for Native Command Queuing (NCQ), TRIM, and Secure Erase commands.

Our firmware engineers co-work with various controller partners to study and develop firmware required by the most demanding environment. This gives us a deep understanding of controller chips, and additionally helps suppliers by enabling us to provide it with marketing information, feedback, and suggestions to aid it in the development of future generations of control chips. In addition, our teams retain close links to our NAND flash suppliers, giving us fully-supported access to the full flash range. The fruit of these relationships is evidenced in the firmware-optimized read/write speeds of the 2.5in/1.8in MLC drives and in the stability of our first-to-market products, such as the SATA-III 6GB/s MO300 form factor drive and the currently available, high-speed SLC 2.5in SSD.

Delivers True Speed and extends product life for all users

Customers and end-users don’t only benefit from advanced firmware when we provide customized solutions; they benefit in the optimized performance and stability of every SSD that we manufacture. At the heart of True Speed - the system that delivers the trademark life-long performance stability – is firmware, primarily very advanced garbage-collection algorithms, and our patented Instant Restore technology. Other firmware systems, such as global wear leveling, improve SSD life and cell stability.

Through our in-house facilities, experience, and investment in firmware development, we can genuinely say that as a total SSD solution provider, we are completely capable of fully meeting all of your needs. Our sales team is always available to discuss your requirements.