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Fintech uses SSDs for faster read and write speeds, enhancing the operational efficiency of financial applications while also improving the speed and reliability of data processing.
Digital Signage

Digital Signage


Digital Signage

Digital signage is a target-specific communication that transmits the content of many formats such as video, animation, images, and texts through networked connections to output devices such as digital display panels before push-broadcasted to the target audience. As digital signage is generally installed in certain areas of specific locations, the broadcasted advertising content is custom-made for the specific target audience, making it a precise marketing tool.


As the new human-machine interaction (HMI) and retail models emerge in the wake of smart-city policies launched in various countries, the need for digital signage applications gradually increased. Especially strong in the advertising sector this rapidly growing multimedia platform is broadly utilized in all kinds of domains, as both indoor and outdoor locations are suited for digital signage. Whenever there are needs for broadcasting or advertising, digital signage can be deployed at any public venues such as airports, stations, MRT, hotels, department stores, retail warehouses, chain-stores, restaurants, cinemas, museums, art galleries, schools, company offices, clubs, and tourist attractions.


Digital signage is also an instrumental tool that can help with retail sales and promotion in providing critical functions such as quick search, product guide, label scanning, automated billing, customer-service connection, etc., while regularly broadcasting products promotion or entertainment news. Moreover, digital signage can be integrated with technologies such as high-resolution cameras, face-recognition tracking, RFIDs, ESL (Electronic Shelf Labels), and Beacon, along with cloud platform and big-data analysis to dynamically adjust broadcasting content to engage customer preference, as a critical data analysis and transaction portal.


Digital Signage Working Flow Chart




Compared to the conventional hard disk, SSD has no mechanical parts, it is also shock-proof, quiet, and its fast read-write makes it the optimal storage equipment for digital signage. The SSD products by Solid State Storage Technology Corporation have all passed reliability tests of higher standards than those of the industry and extreme-temperature endurance testing that complies with industry standards to provide more stable, enduring, high-performance, and power-saving SSD products to meet the needs of digital signage applications.

Successful Case


SATA 2.5” SSDs by Solid State Storage Technology Corporation are featured in the large-size 4K digital signages in US shopping malls that support ultra-high quality multimedia display.

SSD Model: CV1 SATA 2.5-inch SSD

SATA 2.5” SSDs by Solid State Storage Technology Corporation are also featured in the digital signages in Taiwan’s MRT network to broadcast eye-catching advertisements to passengers.

SSD Model: CV8 SATA 2.5-inch SSD


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