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Fintech uses SSDs for faster read and write speeds, enhancing the operational efficiency of financial applications while also improving the speed and reliability of data processing.


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ATM (Automated Teller Machine)

In a broad sense, an ATM (Automated Teller Machine) is one variant of self-service KIOSKs as it enables self-serviced over-the-teller banking services such as withdrawals, deposits, and transfers through the basic customer information stored in the magnetic stripe or chip on the bank-issued cards.


ATM is primarily composed of the Cabinet and the Safe; the Cabinet contains an ATM PC that connects the network device, card-reader, keyboard, and the cash-dispenser, while the Safe is composed of cash-dispensing and cash-counting modules only. As ATMs process transactions, they would be connected with the bank’s processing center; therefore, it is critical to ensure the connection security, which should be fulfilled by the client-end of software or hardware VPN, under normal circumstances. Apart from the processing center, ATMs would also connect with the bank’s internal network and software-update servers.


ATM Working Flow Chart




Apart from security management, the operation & maintenance cost control is key to ATM management, as the cash-replenishment, audit, and stock-take of ATMs require staffing and cost. The synchronization of the remote and central management systems are synonymous with the economical use of time and human capital by reducing the technical manpower required to be dispatched to ATM sites to perform diagnosis and re-programming, a critical aspect in the bank management system.


As ATM systems place a high premium on security, stability, and reliability, the stringent AES 256 encryption technology and Secure Boot technology featured in the SSD products by Solid State Storage Technology Corporation are critical. The design can be tailor-made for ATM requirements to ensure system security, stability, and reliability.

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SATA and PCIe® M.2 SSD products by Solid State Storage Technology Corporation are featured in the ATM systems implemented in America’s top financial and retail technology companies to supply all major financial institutions worldwide.

SSD Model: CV8 / CA3 / CL1 Series SSD

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